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SEWER PROJECT SUMMARY:    The proposed wastewater treatment facility and system improvements project is to meet the Administrative Consent Order the Village is under with EGLE.  The Village is required to have an approved and active groundwater discharge permit to discharge their customer's treated wastewater.  The Village customers include the Village of Beulah and a number of Benzonia customers.  Sanitary sewer televising and inspection was completed in March 2023 and determined areas of the system that need to be replaced or relined.  Key features of the wastewater treatment facility improvements include influent metering, headworks building, mechanical plant, upgrade from single phase to three phase power, upgrade irrigation building, spray irrigation field improvements, and lagoon closure procedures.  The project is estimated to cost $12,125,000.

The proposed wastewater treatment process is modular and expandable.  The future of the wastewater treatment facility is to allow for expansion after this project is complete and the administrative consent order has been met.  An expansion would be funded separately and is not included in the current project cost.  

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